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We're two guys who record music together sometimes. We're not really stop motion, but we are really dinosaurs.

Chris Meservey - everything but drums

Singer/songwriter Chris Meservey has been writing and recording music since he was old enough to press record on a tape recorder. He has led several different bands and recorded music in a variety of genres, from punk to pop to some kind of acoustic folk. He has retired from playing live shows and now focuses on recording music to entertain a few people on the internet.

The handsome and talented Chris Meservey holding his beloved Martin acoustic guitar in front of a microphone and smiling

James Sewell - drums

As a skilled percussionist, James Sewell is sought after by many bands and artists to perform and record drums and electronic beats for almost every conceivable genre of music. He even teaches drums to kids. Occasionally, he gets together with Chris at his home in the Philadelphia suburbs and plays drums on his songs.

James Sewell, drummer extraordinaire, in front of a "Rock 'n' Roll" poster, wearing a cool hat
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